Please Read Carefully  and  Print this information sheet for the:




Dive Bar Adventures


No Flakes Singles


2009 Halloween Party at the Hollywood Castle

Saturday October 31st, 2009 at 6:00PM until 2:00 AM



- Costumes are required -

 (Riske' and revealing is OK with the owners of the estate)


Things to note:


- Bring your ID and don't forget to bring Cash for additional food or alcohol you may want throughout the night


- This is an Adults Only Party, you must be over 21 and act responsibly and respectful to everyone


- There is no Coat Check


- Gary and his staff from Boogaloo Cafe of Hermosa will have Cash only food and beverages available all night for cheap


- Arrive early - Hollywood is going to be crazy - Its taken us weeks to contract with a parking lots and shuttle companies to get you to the castle. The cheap lots promise to fill up fast since there are many events that Saturday night. Plan to get on the busses at 6PM!


- Shuttles may require a short wait, please be patient.


- Your unpaid friends cannot come with you in the shuttles and hope to get in at the door, this is strictly a prepaid event, with professional security at the door


- Use the Message Board and email DWSers at to send requests for rideshares to the shuttle points


- Do not Drink and Drive - Be responsible and plan ahead


- Checking in will be very fast this year, envelopes with wristbands will be given to you based on your last name of your PayPal receipt


- Come and Have Fun. :-)


Organizer of Drinking with Strangers


PS - Some fun stuff...

I was checking out things that were filmed at the Castle and this was one the coolest one's. Look at the video and you'll see Johnny Depp swimming in the moat at the 2 minute point of the video:


Nams and I crashed a huge Party at the Castle last a year ago and took a couple of pictures for your enjoyment...









Now some words brought to you by Chris...

Halloween Details:

Mister Blinky welcomes you to

The Third Annual Meetup Halloween Convergence Party!!!

Here is all the information you need to have a great time and make new meetup friends. Randy, Ken and I have been working very hard to make this one to remember! We have tried to dot all our i's and cross all our t's to make sure you have a great time.


*** A Few Words From Kenway *** (above)


A) The Where: Parking/Shuttle - Get There Early!

B) The When: Party Hours - Get There EARLY!!!

C) The What: Meetup Party - Details Bring Cash No Credit card accepted

D) The How: Costumes etc - Wear Comfortable Shoes! Ladies! Don't Do Heels!!! And  bring ID!

E) The Who: Meetup Members Update PayPal...

F) The Why: Day of the Dead

A) The Where:

The Hollywood Castle is a Private residence that is rented for Movie shoots, Hollywood Parties, and now for the second year Meetups.
A family still lives there after the Parties are over
. We can not contractually give out the address. We are also contractually bound to provide shuttle service to and from the castle. Therefore, we have contacted several parking lots and scheduled pickups with Limo/Van Shuttles to pick you up. No Taxi, No Limo, no private parking or drop off to the castle. ONLY SHUTTLE SERVICE! With over 500 persons attending, there is no room for parking along the street. And the family does not want to anger their neighbors so please be respectful as you are dropped off from the shuttle.


Shuttles run all night long. Starts from 5:45 to after 2am... Note Get There Early!!! It is Hollywood, Halloween Night.. Please for heaven's sake Get there Early!!!! We need to move 500 people up a hill.. Get THERE EARLY!!!! YOU CAN NOT DRIVE THERE! YOU MUST ARRIVE VIA SHUTTLE!!!


Main Parking: 6201 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028  AND 1634 Argyle Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 BOTH ON ARGYLE!!!
There are secondary parking lots all around Hollywood. Including, Hollywood Highland Mall, PUBLIC PARKING *GreenArrow* @ AutoLand on Vine south of Hollywood Blvd. Club Parking behind Presbyterian Church just off Gower between Franklin and Hollywood.

See Map for ideas:



Need a Hotel Google came up with this:




Shuttle Pickup: Is at 1720 Argyle Ave Hollywood CA 90028 - At Sunshine Lot C between Vine and Gower above Hollywood Blvd and below Yucca Street



Look for Shuttles with the Meetup Logo in the Windows...


On of our (Clearly Marked) Security Guards will be at the Sunshine C Lot on Argyle above Hollywood Blvd from 5:30pm to 7pm Directing Shuttles and Greeting everyone. See Sign Below, one of us will be standing there looking like the picture below it with you guys in costume. I will have costume later...See everyone at Castle 7:30ish - Randy and Kenway will be up at the castle to greet you.




B) The When: Party Hours

The Official Party hours are from 6pm to 2am.
The Shuttle runs from 5:45 pm till after 2pm or until we get everyone off the hill. Richard Blade Plays from 8pm to 2am. Costume Prizes will be awarded at 9:00PM. Food will be served from 8-1pm. Drinks all night long. Complimentary punch served until we run out (Last year we gave out >40 gallons on the dancefloor.


 Again it is highly recommended you get parked before 5:30pm. Hollywood Parking lots are notorious for filling up fast!


C) The What: Meetup Party Details. (Conduct, Food, Booze)

This is an exclusive Meetup Costume Party for charity at a Private Castle.  All profits go to charity. Any Spills, Stains, or Damages to the private home takes needed money for our charities... Have fun, dance, but be the Meetup Peeps we know you are! Smoking allowed outside only at designated tables with ash trays. This is wildfire country on that hill! Forest Fires are a Buzz kill!~ We have Security guards around the entire castle. Out of Control Behavior gets you booted off the hill, banned from all our Meetups, and wastes our time... So Be Cool!



!!!! CASH BAR ONLY !!!!




Boogaloo Cafe of Hermosa will be setting up food stands with many options of taco's at $2.00 Each



Serving Time: 8:00pm - 1:00am  




Gary Alonso and his great team is manning multiple bars throughout the castle...We got a great deal!. While everyone down in Hollywood is drinking $12 dollar beers at Kress, or ordering $15 Margaritas at Mood... We got great deal on all booze! CASH BAR ONLY!@!!!! NO CHECKS NO CREDIT CARDS... CASH ONLY!!! NO ATM!! BRING CASH...

ALL Alcoholic drinks - $4 to $7.00 with $3.00 Jello shots

ALL Non-Alcoholic drinks - $2

(except Red Bull - $4)


Hard  Well Liquor

Vodka, Rum, Whiskey Tequila  


Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry Juices


Tonic, Club Soda, Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Diet Pepsi,  Red Bull

On Tap---Beers:

Bud, Bud light, Heineken, Heineken Light

D) The How: Costumes etc - Wear Comfortable Shoes! Ladies! Don't Do Heels!!! Bring ID!

The theme this year is Super Sexy Super Hero, Villians, Friends, Co-horts, misstress'es etc but you can come in any costume as long as you are in a costume

Riske' and revealing is OK with the owners of the estate


So regardless, look for me as a wicked witch in drag + Blinky Pin!.. (Pictures coming) Or whatever floats your boat. Prizes will be awarded at Nine PM on the Stage for a) Sexiest, b) Most Creative, c) Funniest and a dozen other catagories.. So Go wild.... Prizes will be announced in a few days.. But the Honor! Oh the Honor and attention is priceless!

***Dress Freakishly Comfortably! There is Grass, There is a wooden Draw bridge! There is Dancing! Heels will be awful! Ladies and Gentlemen don't wear heels! ***

Sign In: Bring ID!
If you paid via PayPal, you are on the list. If you did not paypal (or cash/check to Kenway/DWS) and just RSVP'd, you will not get in. Please bring legal ID!. Make sure your guests actually know your first and LAST NAME and the name of the Meetup you belong to. NO ID No Entrance! This is a 21 and over party.

E) The Who: Meetup Members

No where in Los Angeles this Halloween can you be at a Castle and dance to Richard Blade all Night! No where can you gaze at the Hollywood Sign and Downtown LA in a wild Castle on a Hill....

No where in Los Angeles can you meet in public, new people who really want to meet other new people! I will be working the crowds and making sure no one sits alone! I may pull you out on the dance floor or introduce you to some goblin or ghost. Meetup members are an elite group of people. We are outgoing, successful, and friendly. Sometimes, we may start out shy, or a bit timid, but there are tons of new meetup members coming to this massive party so you are not alone!!!.

So if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, here is what you do: look for the blinky pin, and grab my wrist and say hi! I will introduce you to every devil, clown, and goofy 20's dancer I can find! Also, forgive me if I don't recognize you immediately, I may have a cocktail, and will have my mind on a few things from security to transportation. So if I blank for a second, know that I know you...


F) The Why: Day of the Dead
Cancer touches all of us. My best friend had cancer and luckily he beat it. But he was middle aged and had healthcare. Being young and having Cancer is a tough road to go alone. So Whenever I can I try to combine Meetup with Charities. From kids with blindness and dyslexia Tiki Parties to Bowling for Runaway kids in Hollywood, Meetup is not just about having fun, its about doing something with all this social networking. So as some cultures remember the ones gone, let's party to help the ones hanging on...

See you there! Lost or Late? Call me 213-784-4448

Chris Kaufman
Mister Blinky!